In recent years, a real revolution has taken place in the field of housing construction, but advanced technologies have not been able to supplant natural wood.

Wood was and remains the most reliable and safe natural material for the health of all family members.

Production of CLT-panels
  • Own production on equipment leading European manufacturers - Ledinek, Imeas, SCM Group
  • Manufacturing facilities provide annual production 100 000 m3
  • Modern production technologies and environmentally friendly products high quality
European Technical Assessment ETA-21/0781 dated 04/10/2021 issued by a member of the European Organization of Institutions according to technical assessments (European Organization for Technical Assessments - EOTA) in accordance with the procedure established by this organization and the European Commission.
GrO Thermo — innovation in construction

insulated external wall CLT-panelThis is a CLT composite panel, in which part of the inner lamellas is replaced with insulation. The insulation layer is glued and pressed into the CLT-panel in the same way as wood.

  • 100% factory readiness interior and exterior decoration
  • Channels provided for engineering communications
Production of glued laminated timber

In the manufacture of building materials, we use a century-old forest growing in an ecologically clean region of Russia - Altai region.

  • Altai cedarAltai cedar is a unique and rare building material with medicinal and antibacterial properties. Each house made of Altai cedar becomes a unique and exclusive piece of architectural art.
  • Altai pinePine was and remains a kind of leader and flagship among coniferous wood building materials. Pine lumber has always been famous for its environmental friendliness and enviable durability. Ease of processing allows the use of pine materials for the manufacture of complex structural elements.
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Traverta fully meets the needs of customers in the construction of wooden houses from laminated veneer lumber
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We built the first house made of laminated veneer lumber 12 years ago. During this time, we have gained tremendous construction experience, based on which we are ready to satisfy the needs of the most demanding client. Experience in various regions allowed us to optimize the costs of production, logistics and construction work, which makes it possible to offer our customers modern business-class wooden houses at the best price in all regions of our country!
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