CLT and GrO Thermo

CLT technology

CLT-panel (Cross Laminated Timber)

This is a multilayer material, for the manufacture of which solid coniferous and hardwood lamellas are used. The layers collected from them are placed perpendicular to each other, glued and sent to press.

The raw material is natural moisture edged board. It is subjected to chamber drying (12%), carefully selected for the absence of defects and hidden defects, and calibrated on a planer. The workpieces are sorted (lamellas with the most beautiful texture go to the outer layers), spliced onto a mini-spike and cut to a given length. After gluing, the products undergo strict technical control.

The adhesive seam between the lamellas is formed at the molecular level and absolutely harmless, because the manufacturer uses only those adhesive systems that are certified in Europe.

All operations are automated, which ensures precise panel geometry and high quality surface treatment.

Advantages of CLT-panels
Материалы Economical construction

In a house where CLT-panels are used as a construction and finishing material, the visible surfaces of the boards do not require additional investments, except for their painting.

Материалы Environmentally friendly and healthy microclimate

Panels made of natural wood, they "breathe", create comfortable living conditions: in winter, a house made of CLT-panels is warm, in summer it is influences the microclimate in the premises, creates emotional comfort for the people in the premises.

Материалы Thermal efficiency

Due to the solidity of the wall, floor and ceiling structures, modular houses made of CLT-panels are windproof and frost-proof. Number of stitches in such enclosing structures, the minimum. Condensation of moisture in the body of the material is completely excluded. Compared with a solid array, the thermal conductivity of the material is significantly lower, which is achieved due to cross gluing of the lamellas.

Материалы Excellent technical characteristics

Shrinkage processes are excluded in the CLT house. There are no dynamic vibrations in the floors (“trampoline effect”). The perpendicular orientation of the fibers in the layers of CLT-panels breaks the trajectory of the sound wave in the thickness of the material, significantly improving the sound insulation characteristics compared to solid wood and laminated veneer lumber. CLT-pannels offer impressive fire and earthquake resistance.

Материалы Significant reduction the time of construction

Solid wood slab does not require plastering. The customer receives the finishing of the walls and finished finished ceilings. CLT-panels provide for the possibility of 100% finishing and routing of networks at the stage of their manufacture.

GrO Thermo
innovation in construction

GrO Thermo — insulated external wall CLT-panel

This is a CLT composite panel, in which part of the inner lamellas is replaced with insulation. The insulation layer is glued and pressed into the CLT-panel in the same way as wood.

Материалы 100% factory readiness interior and exterior decoration
Материалы Channels provided for engineering communications
Technical specifications of GrO Thermo
R (thermal resistance)
up to 11 meters
up to 3 meters
206 mm
286 mm

* The required coefficient of thermal resistance (R) for the regions of St. Petersburg and Moscow is R = 3.2. Therefore, it is possible to use.
GrO Thermo plates during the construction of facilities in regions with temperatures up to -70 оC.

* Thermal insulation equivalent to 300 mm of laminated timber.


Insulation used in GrO Thermo

The choice of insulation is determined by the required parameters of the thermal resistance of the outer walls for a particular climatic zone. Natural wood insulation or PIR insulation is most often used.

Материалы Wood insulation

Wood insulation is a natural material, 94% pine. It is designed to create effective and environmentally friendly sound / thermal insulation of the house, as well as its wind protection. The wood heat insulator has excellent vapor permeability, does not accumulate moisture, so fungus and mold do not appear on it. Low thermal conductivity does not allow heat to escape outside, and cold to penetrate inside.

Материалы PIR insulation

The possibility of producing a material with exceptional thermal conductivity from polyurethane, along with a whole set of special qualities, makes this material one of the most popular insulation materials. More than 95% of the volume of the material is made up of closed rigid non-combustible cells filled with an inert gas. It is due to its structure that PIR has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, increased strength, high fire-fighting characteristics, as well as a long service life without losing its qualities.

GrO Thermo in the exterior and interior

The production facilities of our company allow us to provide a wide range of options for finishing external and internal walls.

Материалы Surface grinding CLT
Материалы Cutting different types of chamfers on the front
Материалы Cutting different types of chamfers on the front
Материалы Providing high quality painting

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