Why cedar?

Altai cedar, along with Canadian and Lebanese, belongs to the pine family. A powerful tree with a spreading multi-peaked crown, lives on average 300-500 years, the height of the tree can reach more than 40 meters, and the trunk diameter is up to 1.5-2 meters.

Cedar belongs to the sound species of trees and at the same time to the class of resistant species that very rarely rot. Cedar wood is very soft (yet strong) and works well in all directions.

Numerous resin passages penetrate the entire tree trunk, they are somewhat smaller than those of pine, but they are larger. Another plus of the high resin content is that cedar wood successfully resists rotting and attacks of wood-boring insects. A special mention deserves an amazing, incomparable aroma that lasts for many years.

Thermal conductivity The lower this coefficient, the better the material retains heat.
95 W/(m*C)
150 W/(m*C)
110 W/(m*C)
Аverage life expectancy
300-500 years
300-400 years
200-300 years
Density of wood with humidity 12%
550 kg/m3
520 kg/m3
450 kg/m3
Drying shrinkage The volumetric coefficient of shrinkage with a decrease in humidity to 6-8%
Crack resistance
Resistance to decay
Resistance to fungal infections
Content of phytoncides
The presence of resin pockets
Cedar is a storehouse of useful vitamins, microelements and other substances.
Материалы Cedar - a natural healer

The presence of a huge amount of phytoncides and essential oils gives this wood antiseptic properties, increases the resistance of the breed to all types of biological damage. A cedar house will always have an amazing aroma that does not fade even after many years after construction. This smell perfectly scares away gnats - mosquitoes, flies, midges. No rot, blue and a variety of mosses with cedar mushrooms are not scary in principle. For people with weakened immunity, susceptible to various diseases that are caused by viruses and bacteria, their own cedar house will become an alternative to a hospital, since the air in it is not only sterile, but also healing.

Материалы Low thermal conductivity

Among wood materials, cedar takes the leading position in terms of heat conservation. In terms of the coefficient of thermal conductivity, it surpasses not only pine, but also spruce. Thermal conductivity is the ability of a material to conduct heat, and the higher this coefficient, the faster heat transfer occurs. It is logical to assume that for housing construction, the lower this parameter, the better.

  • Кедр – 95 W/(m*C)
  • Ель – 110 W/(m*C)
  • Сосна – 150 W/(m*C)

A bonus of cedar walls is the lower costs for air conditioning in summer, since the rooms are kept cool and fresh air without auxiliary systems and equipment.

Материалы High strength

For this indicator, cedar wood is often compared to metal. Cedar is strong and soft at the same time, which makes it easy to work with. Craftsmen love cedar timber for its ease of use, because this type of wood lends itself well even to manual processing.

Материалы Sustainability to cracking

There are significantly fewer cracks in the walls of cedar houses compared to pine houses. Cedar timber is practically not susceptible to cracking, even when it comes to a material of natural moisture, which allows you to minimize finishing work inside and on the facade. As the owners of the houses note, where the pine is twisted by the "helicopter", the cedar remains flat and does not create problems.

Материалы Protection against moisture, decay, mold

Cedar wood is resistant to decay and is not susceptible to wormholes. Natural impregnation of cedar with essential oils, the porosity and softness of the wood completely protects the wood from rotting, mold, warping from changes in temperature and humidity. During construction in conditions of high humidity, constant impregnation with antiseptics and water repellents becomes a necessary procedure for houses made of pine or spruce. Cedar timber, even without such protective manipulations, is resistant to moisture and only gets stronger every year.

Материалы Decorativeness and aesthetics

In terms of decorativeness, cedar has no equal - all shades of pink, from the most delicate yellow-pink tones to a rich, crimson tone. Given its ideal geometry, chic color and stunning texture, it is enough to cover the walls with clear oil or wax to highlight their beauty. And this is a real opportunity to save money on interior design. The walls themselves look like decoration and do not need an abundance of decor.

Материалы Increased sound insulation

The porous structure of cedarwood provides a chic soundproofing in a house made of this material, just like in a recording studio.

Материалы Metaphysical properties

Cedar is a tree with amazingly healing energy. Cedar amulets contribute to purification, mainly spiritual and energetic, as well as prosperity in all areas. Cedar has an inherent ability to accumulate and release energy, charging a tired body with a positive, for which it is especially appreciated by dendrotherapists. The ancient peoples associated cedar with fertility and immortality, and the doors and roofs of temples were often made of sacred cedar wood.

Материалы Cedar is the strongest aphrodisiac

The subtle aphrodisiac properties of cedar have been used by humans for thousands of years. The biologically active substances of cedarwood essential oil stimulate the production of sex hormones, increasing sensuality in intimate relationships.

Cedar is a storehouse of useful vitamins, microelements and other substances.

The cedar house is not just a symbol of wealth and prestige. Such a house is something special, a living organism that gives health and longevity. The beauty of wood, its healing properties, durability and resistance to decay, exceptional thermal insulation characteristics that allow cedar houses to be much warmer than houses made of pine, spruce and larch - all this makes cedar an ideal material for construction. Our customers are people who create for themselves and their families a unique environmentally friendly space that delights with amazing shades of wood and is filled with an amazing unique scent of the cedar forest.

Why glued laminated timber?

The advantages of laminated veneer lumber over other building materials are so great that it is simply impossible to list them all. Today it is one of the most environmentally friendly, aesthetically attractive and easy-to-install building materials.

Glued laminated timber is made from artificially dried wooden lamellas. After drying, the bars are aligned and glued with a special glue to each other. Then only the timber is profiled and treated with antiseptic impregnations. Thus, the production process of laminated veneer lumber provides the creation of a building material that is very easy for the upcoming installation and highly durable for use.

Материалы Stability of the structure

The technology of assembly and gluing of the glued timber structure provides the material with high strength, which is 50–70% higher than that of solid wood. Load-bearing structures made of laminated veneer lumber are stronger than reinforced concrete ones. The seismic resistance of the structure is ensured by the tight linking of all elements, so the house can withstand tremors and powerful wind loads.

Материалы Minimum construction time

A 200 m2 house can be assembled on a finished foundation in about a week. Moreover, such a structure can be assembled all year round, and it is not necessary to wait for suitable weather. The ability to quickly erect such building objects is due to the high accuracy of manufacturing the house kit with strict adherence to the temperature and humidity regime.

Материалы Beautiful appearance

Glued laminated timber has an almost perfect geometric shape and excellent aesthetic characteristics. The ability to manufacture a bar up to 12 meters long and the presence of bent parts allows you to bring to life the most daring and original architectural ideas.

Материалы Savings on external and interior decoration

Qualitatively processed glued laminated timber looks impressive even without decoration. It is enough just to emphasize the natural beauty of the wood with the help of colorless varnish or, if desired, use a tinting agent.

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